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Milk chocolate cuff bracelet??

Remember my Bittersweet Wrap-sody cuff that I shared a few weeks ago?  Couldn't stop at just one...
This new cuff, Bliss, is featured in my new e-book chapter, Textured Surfaces, which is chapter three of Bored By Back Stitch.
[New for 2016!!  Chapter 3 will be free with the purchase of the first two chapters, even if you don't buy them at the same time.  Upon confirming your purchase, I will email the final chapter to you at no extra cost!  Ok, the last chapter won't be an instantaneous download like the others, but I promise to send it to you just as quickly as I can :-)]

In fact, I was walking through the grocery store, minding my own business, when this purple bag of milk chocolate came hopping right into my cart.  Seriously.  I'm a dark chocolate girl, so I bought the bag just for...well, the BAG!  (Don't worry, milk chocolate fans.  I made cookies from the bag's contents.)

The center-piece is a bezeled oval bead, surrounded by one row of bead embroidered Russian spiral, a ladder of size 8/0 seed beads, a couple layers of soutache braid, and some short stacks of size 11/0s and 15/0s.

Around the center-piece, and tucked underneath it, are a few soutache elements that I stitched in hand and then tacked down.

The cuff was finished in my usual manner, stitching it to a backing fabric with a metal cuff inside to provide support.

Now, go eat chocolate!

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Robbie said…
What a great idea!!! Now I have a reason to go buy chocolate!!! Very neat!!! Thanks for the 'show & tell' and 'ok' to go eat/buy chocolate!