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Bead Journal Project: September 2014

Many many thanks to Jocille, who emailed me with the suggestion that I think about combining my purple shibori silk pansy with something brilliant ORANGE.  I don't usually go for that much contrast, so the idea really took me by surprise.  Not only did I end up making some additional flowers in orange to accompany the pansy, but I also chose a background fabric which I had marbled years ago that has some orange dyes included.

I promise a tutorial soon!  Note - this one is how to assemble the parts.  Here is a link to making the shibori silk flowers and leaves themselves.

Here are the rest of my Bead Journal Project pieces so far:


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Eileen Bergen said…
I love how you sewed the pansy. It's just perfect.
Cyndi L said…
Eventually I'm gonna get around to writing up instructions for that pansy! Thank you, Eileen!