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Herringbone fern leaves

Awhile ago (quite awhile ago now!), I asked for your input on a project I was considering, consisting of the pleated shibori silk ribbon flowers shown above and which fabric to choose for the background.  Well, I chose the brighter fabric, even though it was a busier print, because I couldn't get past how the marbling pattern picked up touches of the orange flowers.

Anyway, my next dilemma came when I was trying to figure out what sort of leaves to make for my fantasy orange calendula flowers.  Their leaves are actually more spiky than they are ferny, but hey...they're my flowers, right?

I found these brilliant little fern shapes in Melissa Grakowsky's book I Can Herringbone (my review is at the link).  With several color modifications, I think they're going to work out really well.  Time to finally start tackling putting this piece together!

Note - here's the link to the finished embroidery piece with tutorial.

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Robbie said…
They are perfect, Cyndi!!! Love them!!!