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Bead Journal Project: March 2015

Here is my third piece for the 2015 Bead Journal Project, combining beaded crazy quilting with 3D forms.  This month, my form is an orb.

I've been fascinated with trying to create round shapes for a long time.  One of the best ways I've found is to create an won't be a perfect sphere, but then again, perfection is over-rated, don't you think?

1. My form uses a tennis ball style shape.  I've marked the middle of each "side", which you can easily do by folding your shape in half.  These marks will go on the inside, but are necessary in order to help you line up the forms when you stitch them together.  You need to cut out two of these.

2. I added a bead embroidered motif to each circle.  The motifs can be found in Bored By Back Stitch.  This one is a chevron stitch.

3. Looks like fancy breasts, doesn't it?  There...I said it, so you can all stop giggling :-)

4. To stitch together, line up one of the end hash marks with one of the middle ones.  Use pins and stitch around the edges with beaded blanket stitch, using embroidery floss.

January 2015: Wavy raised circle form
February 2015: Crescent form

March 2015: Orb form

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Very cool, Cyndi. I was thinking pasties not breasts ;-)