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Book review: Stitching with Two-Hole Beads

Just last month I told you about a new Kalmbach book that featured SuperDuos and Twin Beads, and now we have the next step, which is adapting beadweaving stitches for all of the great new shapes out there: squares, Tilas, SuperDuos and twins, Rullas, bricks, lentils, daggers, and more.  There are over 30 great designs to try in Virginia Jensen's Stitching with Two-Hole Shaped Beads.

You may remember Virginia's work from Contemporary Cube Bead Designs (review at the link). No stranger to working with beads of different shapes, she has put together a wonderful collection of projects that will definitely grab your attention if you are a beadweaver.  The book is arranged by stitch type, and starts out with basic stringing, then moving to peyote, braid, step, herringbone, crossweave, right-angle weave, and cluster stitch.  I wasn't familiar with all the stitches, so it was really fun to browse through.  Cluster stitch is Virginia's own invention!

Cuff by Virginia Jensen

I just may have to try some of these, just as I did with the last shaped bead book :-)

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Robbie said…
The cuff is lovely!!! Interesting...I just purchased some of those two hole beads to use on my cactus! I'll have to look up the book!!!
Cyndi L said…
Ooooo...did you get spikes or something like superduos/twins??