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Tutorials from the blogosphere: Winter 2015

Here's a round-up of the coolest stuff I've found this winter, sneaking right into some spring projects!

Hoop & bead earrings

Futuristic riveted earrings with Swarovski spikes (shown above)

Five great ways to use herringbone stitch

Corrugate metal with a tube wringer

Riveting for beginners

Getting to know wire

Bird's nests

A simple wire wrap for gemstone donuts

Making a silicone mold for resin

Using buttons as bezels

Adjustable bangle bracelets

Pocket Full of Posies bracelet

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Anonymous said…
Those "futuristic" earrings look more like Art Deco to me. It is flashback or fast forward?
Cyndi L said…
They do look deco-esque, I agree! Only the vulcanic-finish to the glass really says modern...but I really like them either way :-)