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Bead embroidered dichroic glass pendant

My friend Jeanne Kent of New Terra Artifacts makes the most beautiful dichroic glass beads, cabochons, and pendants in the world!  Several years ago, I bought a set of beads from her called a blue rainbow...I have never regretted it!  Instead, I have had endless fun over the years, any time I am "in between" projects.

One of these little beads makes an awesome pendant, and with so many beads in the set, I can make fun little pendants to my heart's content.  You'll find all the information on back stitch, edging brick stitch, and stack stitches in the free chapter of Every Bead Has a Story.  It will also give you all the details about backing your piece properly, so below, you'll find the bare-bones outline of how to make this piece :-)

1. Stitch down the bead (and/or glue it down if it's a cabochon instead), and bezel it with size 11/0 seed beads.  I added an extra row of back stitch around the outside, because I wanted the bead count to be a multiple of 4.

2. Add a row of right angle weave and a row of Russian spiral, working the netting off of the "up" beads of the RAW stitches.  Each of the "up" beads was stitched down to the foundation before the netting was added.  Instructions for these stitches are in Bored By Back Stitch.  

3. Add a row of Russian spiral with large accent beads to the back stitched row of step 1.  This is why I needed the row to be a multiple of 4.

4.  Cut out the piece, leaving a small edge, and attach a piece of backing material with edging brick stitch in size 11/0 seed beads.  Add a small stack of size 15/0 seed beads to each edging bead.

5. Stitch a square stitch bail to the back of your pendant.

6. Finished!

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Jeanne's dichroic beads are incredible - and what you've done with this one - wow!
Cyndi L said…
Her beads are exquisite, aren't they? Thank you, Eileen :-)