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Bead Journal Project: May 2015

I made a slashed rectangle for this month's Bead Journal Project piece.  I saw one of these once that was really long, and was hanging from one of its corners so that it sort of spiraled down with the center slashes gaping open.  I liked that one a lot.  My own attempt...not so much!  I didn't have time to do one that was long enough to get the full effect, so maybe I should have just saved it for another month.

Here's what the felt looks like after you've slashed it.  You can see that all you have to do is alternate between slashing the middle and the sides.  

January 2015: Wavy raised circle form
February 2015: Crescent form

March 2015: Orb form
April 2015: Pyramid form
May 2015: Slashed rectangle form

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Robbie said…
Interesting...I would have to see more of these to see exact uses! HA
Cyndi L said…
Yeah, it's not very interesting when it's this short. Longer ones sag open under their own weight, and you can spiral them...much more interesting :-)