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Book review: Bead Play Every Day

Techniques galore culminate in some wonderful beadwoven projects in Beth Stone's new book Bead Play Every Day, published by Kalmbach.  The proper subject of this book is beadwoven components that can be mixed and matched into an endless number of fabulous ropes.

You will gain the most if you are an intermediate stitcher, but a very determined beginner can also play along.  It was really written for people who are ready to move beyond the basics of peyote, herringbone, and diamond stitch, and who like to think in great glorious clusters of playtime!  For those who want to learn variations to use in their own designs.  It's definitely best if you already have a working knowledge of the stitches, plus how to make basic ropes using them.

The step-by-step photos use primary and secondary bright colors to make it easy to follow the thread path.  The book does not have the usual expanded basics section that beginner Kalmbach books have, but that's no trouble as long as you have other titles of theirs.  There's a basic tutorial on each stitch, and then away you go!!

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