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Taking my own advice!

Yup, I can be taught!  I decided to take my own advice when I wrote the article Why Take a Class?, and I signed up for Kathy Shaw's basic crazy quilting online class.  And it's great!  Yes, I've done crazy quilting before, so why would I want to take a beginner's class?  Well...maybe it's time I learned how to do it "right"!

I know that there are many different styles and methods, but I like Kathy's.  And since I like her style, why wouldn't I want to learn from her?  And I like the way she structures her online classes, which are free, by the way.  Everyone takes the beginner class so that everyone in the future is on the same page, so to speak.  The first class consists of putting together a CQ block during which you learn about design challenges, template seaming, silk ribbon work, and adding beads.  You'll notice that my block doesn't have any beads on it yet.  There's a reason for that...

Although I like to add the beads as I go, I decided to follow Kathy's advice this time and add them towards the end.  That way, the fiber embroidery won't get hung up on them, and they will not take over the design the way they usually do when I'm involved :-)

[Here is the finished block]

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DVArtist said…
Very pretty and the sewing is excellent.
Cyndi L said…
Thank you, Nicole!
That's lovely, Cyndi. You must be chomping at the bit to get some beads on there. I admire your uncharacteristic restraint ;-)
Cyndi L said…
Haha!! Funny girl... :-)