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Book review: Tropical World

Last year, I reviewed an adult coloring book by Millie Marotta called Animal Kingdom (my review at the link) and I was somewhat surprised that no one said, "Hey, what's that got to do with beading?"  My guess is that everyone is now smart enough to know that interest in one art form doesn't preclude interest in another, and all creative activities are helpful in stoking the fires we already have burning!

Inspired by, but not limited to her travels, Millie has put together another coloring book called Tropical World and published by Lark.  Her illustrations stay fairly true to the overall shape or form of the subject, but then are filled in with a myriad of fanciful patterns and details.  Like the first book, a few pages are left with some spaces and unembellished forms for you to letter or draw on as you choose.  A few (very few) color suggestions are included when it seems appropriate; for example, suggestions are made for the plumage of a bird you may not be familiar with.

Colored pencils or pens?  Direct coloring in the book or photocopies?  It's up to you, but the paper is absolutely heavy enough for even markers to be used directly in the book.  

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I had to laugh at the phrase "what's that got to do with beading". I love these coloring books for EMBROIDERY designs. Are we just a hugely creative bunch!!
xx, Carol
Cyndi L said…
You are absolutely right, my dear!!