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Book review: Handcraft Wire Jewelry

Do you want to add beautiful handmade chains, clasps, and pendants to your work?  Kimberly Sciaraffa Berlin shows you how in Handcraft Wire Jewelry, a new book by Kalmbach.  You will need to have some experience working with wire before tackling this book, unless you are an exceptionally determined beginner.  Information on the materials, tools, and basic techniques are right up front, including how to use a bobbin for weaving longer pieces of wire.  But the projects become advanced very quickly.

There are some simple wire motifs that Kimberly turns into complex-looking chains.  There are instructions for wire-wrapping pendants with beautiful unique results.  The book contains lots of alternative and variant design ideas for you to try.  But this is not just components: there are some complete finished piece projects as well.  I am especially a fan of Kimberly's pendants, because they don't look like everyone else's.  You may already be familiar with some of her work from her book Build Your Own Wire Pendants (review at the link).

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