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Book review: Introducing Albion Stitch

If you've ever bezeled an irregular (or regular!) cabochon like this...

...then you already understand the basics of albion stitch.  Heather Kingsley-Heath has developed this into a versatile new beadweaving stitch.  And for that, the whole beady world should thank her!

In her new book, Introducing Albion Stitch, published by Kalmbach, Heather takes us through all the variations that we expect of a beadweaving stitch:  flat, flat round, tubular, lace effects, and 3D structures.  Increasing, decreasing, and varying the stitch length is taught in each section through a delightful set of projects.  Though you don't need to do all of them, following through in order will allow you to build skill upon skill as you master the stitch.

Heather wants you to be able to explore on your own too, so she has included projects that add the new shaped beads and multi-hole beads, and she also gives tips for trying different sizes, shapes, and colors of beads.

This is the first truly new stitch in quite a while, and I don't think any of you seed bead fanciers are going to want to miss it!

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