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New life to a boring bangle bracelet

I have bags and bags full of cast off jewelry from flea markets, yard sales, and generous friends.  Recently, I was looking at a bag full of plastic bangles (the hard plastic kind), and I thought about using cup chain on it in a similar way to the Shamballa bracelets I was making last year.

Super easy, super quick, super cute!  And all you need is the following:

Plastic bangle bracelet
9-10" cup chain, 5mm
10' wire, 24 g
Basic tools:
Wire cutters
Chain nose pliers
Measuring tape

1. Leave a short tail as shown and wrap three times between each "stone".

2. Wrap over the tail and tuck the other end underneath a wire as best you can.  Squeeze gently with chain nose pliers to secure.

Another reclaimed bangle bracelet

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Eileen Bergen said…
That's a great upcycling idea, Cyndi. You sent me right to my stash of "junk" jewelry and pieces. I knew I had a length of very pretty dark pink stretchy rhinestones that lost their stretch. Now I just have to find a plain bangle. I must have a few of those somewhere. It's hard keeping track when you hoard ;-)
Cyndi L said…
It is, yes ;-) I just had to tear apart several piles yesterday to find an item I had "put away in a safe place"!!