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Learn some new techniques this summer!

Making a bezel using
herringbone stitch

Choosing the right diameter of beading wire

Stitch dictionary for hand stitching

How to prevent tool marks on metal

Glue reference chart

Sealing alcohol inks on copper jewelry

How to make oval jump rings

Making a bezel using herringbone stitch

Making easy enameled beads

Working with jewelry resin

And don't forget about the gazillions of tutorials that are right here in the archives of Beading Arts!  I've broken them down into medium or technique for you so that you can home in on what interests you most to learn.

Not sure what you want to try?  Check out my list of the most basic tutorials I've written in all different media!


I've been looking for the definitive answer to sealing alcohol inks! Your link to the discussion led me to a wonderful metal pendant tutorial by Rena Klingenberg. Thanks, Cyndi.
Cyndi L said…
Excellent! Rena is an amazingly gifted and generous artist :-)