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A simple wire wrapped pendant

I've had this really cool stone bead for a looooong time.  I don't know what kind of stone it is, and for awhile I thought it might be resin, but's too heavy for that.  Since it is heavy, I decided not to incorporate it into a full necklace, but just to add some simple wire wrapping and call it a day.  I used about 18" of 18 gauge copper wire, plus a pretty bulls-eye stone which might be agate or might be jasper.  Or it might be something else entirely!

1. Start by making a wrapped loop at one end of the wire, and slip it down through both stones.  Leave a little bit of space between the stones when you start wrapping.

2. Nothing fancy, just a simple wrap from bottom to top, as many wraps as you'd like.  In the little space you left, wrap the wire tightly, clip it off, and file smooth if needed.

3. The fun part is putting the little twists in the wire, using your chain nose pliers.  I only did this in the front, but you could do it front and back if you'd like.  I have a black rubber necklace cord that I'm going to use to wear this.

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It looks like an art doll! I'm inspired to use some thick salvaged wire I have that alrady has kinks just like that. I only need to find a great stone like your green one. We're going to TX in October and I'm ready to shop til I drop!!!
Cyndi L said…
Ohmygoodness, Eileen! I *never* would have thought of that! Enjoy your shopping trip :-)