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Shamballa bracelet with larger beads

Summertime always makes me think about Shamballa bracelets.  If you need detailed instructions, there are links to my tutorials here and there :-)

This time, I decided to see what would happen if I used larger beads.  It turned out alright...I really love the crackle-faceted stone beads...but I probably will stick with better proportioned beads from now on.  If you want to try it, though, here you go:

1. String your beads (I started with more than I ended up using) on the macrame cord that you choose.  I used alligator clips and a clip board to keep things together.  Cut two lengths of leather cord a bit longer than you think you'll need.  Mine were about 13" each.

2. Knot the starting ends and arrange as shown on the clip board.  Follow the directions at the other tutorials to knot the bracelet.  As you can see below, I added only one knot in between each bead.  It would have turned out better, perhaps, if I'd been able to fit 7 beads instead of 6.  It always seems to look nicer when there is an odd number of beads.  Nonetheless, it fits well and feels fine on, so that counts for something!

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Your jewerly always has a unique twist, Cyndi. You're so creative! I like this large bead shamballa look.