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A couple more bead embroidery pendants...tutorials to follow!

Every day that the temperature gets lower, I get closer to stitching larger bead embroidery projects!  This was one of the hottest and most miserable summers that I can ever remember, and so far, I've only done a few smaller pendants.  Here are the next two, and I hope that shortly I will have some tutorials for you.  In the meantime, please take a look at all the bead embroidery tutorials at the link!


Robbie said…
Cyndi, I really like the first piece you showed on this post!!!! Really a unique stone and the beading around it is wonderful! I might have to look at some of my stones I have in a different way!!
Cyndi L said…
Thanks Robbie! I don't think you can really tell from the photo, but the top point uses that same herringbone stitch that I showed in the square tutorial last week.
The top one is really unique! Is that a fossilized nautilus shell? I love how you worked around the impression to highlight rather than obscure. It's lovely <3
Cyndi L said…
It's an ammonite,'s a mollusc, as is the nautilus :-)