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Book review: Jewelry Making with Resin

One of my very favorite series to recommend to beginners in any media is Kalmbach's Absolute Beginners Guide.  And the latest by Theresa Abelew is no exception.  Jewelry Making with Resin is an inexpensive book which thoroughly covers the materials, tool, procedures and techniques of working with resin, plus it throws in jewelry making basics and 22 really great projects.

The projects take you step-by-step through making pendants, necklaces, bracelets, rings, and earrings.  But instead of just the same old poured projects that you've probably done dozens of times, Theresa shows you how to use resin as paint, make "stained glass" papers and fabrics, use it with silicone molds, embed images and object, add color, and (of course) pour into bezels both with and without backs.

Theresa wants you to ultimately be able to take a technique from one project and combine it with ideas from other projects in order to create your own personalized pieces.  One of my personal favorites is shown on the cover, the spacescape cuff bracelet.  Theresa uses a material called Triple Glow Powder that I've never heard of before, and it makes the cuffs GLOW IN THE DARK!!!  How cool is that?  Plus, they're really pretty in the daylight too :-)

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