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Spring/Summer trends in jewelry for 2017

Whether you follow the trends or not, it's always helpful to know what is going on around you :-)  Even those who make OOAK works of art can sometimes find inspiration in the newest looks to walk the runways.  So, here's what's up for Spring and Summer:

Super thin chokers
Layered necklaces, lots of chains
Statement or "Art school" earrings, large and long
Arm cuffs which spiral upwards on the arm
Multiple rings
Statement piece necklaces, long, large, and with a pendant
Raw mineral slices as pendants
Fantasy ear cuffs
A single large earring
Fabrics used in jewelry pieces

When you combine these looks with the current colors, the overall mood is much lighter and brighter than it's been for awhile!

Click on this for a much larger view

Pantone's Color of the Year 2017