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Earrings redo

A friend of mine had a nice pair of earrings that she wore often.  They were not part of a set, and filled in mostly for casual occasions.  And then they broke.  The little turned loops at the top were not well constructed, and after a time one of them simply gave out and snapped.  This is one reason why it's important to practice loop-turning skills - if they are off balance, the weight hanging off them can eventually make them brittle and cause them to snap.

Another issue was that the little soldered ball on the broken earwire was missing.  That meant that I wasn't going to be able to reuse them either.  Since that was the case, she decided that she'd rather have them in a gold tone.  Even though the amethysts at the bottom are surrounded by an antiqued silverish metal, the top crystal is topaz colored.  Mixed metals are much more common today than when she bought the earrings, so we made a swap with gold-colored head pins and earwires.

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