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Book reviews from Mixed Media Artist


I know that a lot of you enjoy more than one form of art making, so I thought I would get caught up here and share with you some wonderful books on collage, painting, and quilting that you might have missed on Mixed Media Artist blog.

Art Quilts International: Abstract and Geometric

Abstract Explorations in Acrylic Painting

Fire + Light: a method of painting for artists who love color 

Abstracts in Acrylic + Ink 

Digital Fiber Artist 

Artful Log Cabin Quilts

New York Beauties + Flying Geese 

Create Perfect Paintings 

The T-Shirt Quilt Book

Intuitive Color + Design 

Art Journey: Abstract Painting 

Storytelling Art Studio




Robbie said…
Geezzz like I need another book or project to read!!! HA You always peak my interest! I will look some of these up at our library (I like to see a book before I buy and I don't plan on being at a book store in the near future!). THANKS AGAIN!