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Book review: Two-Hole Bead Stitching

If you like working with shaped beads, then you are probably already a fan of Virginia Jensen's work and her books!  Stitching with Two-Hole Shaped Beads and Contemporary Cube Bead Designs are Kalmbach Media titles you might already be familiar with, and here is her latest: Two-Hole Bead StitchingJust like the others, this book has the fabulous photos and illustrations that Kalmbach is known for.  And it is full of the fabulous and fun designs that Virginia is known for!

Each chapter starts with a fairly simple piece and progresses through more intricate and challenging pieces.  I particularly liked some of the variations that could be made using the basic S-braid pattern.  The easy basic version is included in this book, along with lots of fabulous alternatives, using other shapes and mixtures. 

I have to be honest that I've not been very interested in shaped beads.  I love my regular seed beads, and for the most part, adding a few drops or daggers around the edges of my bead embroidery is just fine for me.  But recently I've been seeing more shaped beads being used even in embroidery.  Often then are woven together first and then stitched down to the foundation.  What makes this particularly appealing is that the neck straps of a large necklace or cuff can be completed very quickly.  Virginia has many many designs that would be beautiful on their own, but that I could also see being incorporated into embroidered pieces. 

I may just have to start buying a few of these beauties and fooling around with them! 

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Seed beads do keep us in our comfort zone but there are so many more varieties and shapes to discover. Those displayed make me want to find a quiet corner in the house and hide away for the day to create just for me. Flat beads wear so well on the wrist like a seamless silk ribbon. A beautiful book with each one a work of art. I miss the time I used to have to create jewellery. Wishing you a wonderful week Cyndi. Creative wishes Tracey x
Cyndi L said…
So true, Tracey! A wonderful week to you too <3
Thought I would pop back and wish you both a safe journey, what a wonderful experience! Enjoy and come back refreshed and replenished. Fingers crossed the weather is kind x