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Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology in Cambridge England

Mike and I just returned from a trip to Cambridge and London, England!  Mike was working, and when I wasn't busy being a groupie, I was out exploring.  I loved loved loved visiting two of the museums in Cambridge, and was sorry that I didn't have time for more.  The Fitzwilliam Museum is not to be missed, but since it doesn't have much to do with beads per se, I thought I'd concentrate on the Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology instead.  You must go if you every have the chance.  It is a "small" museum, but is three floors high, with lovely displays and wonderful guides/guards available.

In no particular order, here are some of the things I liked best.  The quality of my shots is poor...the lighting as designed to preserve the pieces, of course, and flash photography (as everyone should know by now) is not appreciated.

The so-called square headed brooches of the Anglo Saxons.  They could be worn either direction, so the 19th century name for them is inaccurate.  They are gilded bronze and their ages varied.  The AS period in England was from 410 to 1066 AD.

This woman's belt from Alaska is embroidered with caribou incisors.  They were highly prized heirloom pieces, and were used in healing rituals.

Fijian necklace of carved sperm whale tooth ivory.  Strung on woven coconut fiber and collected in Fiji in 1875.  Actual date is unknown.

A bead embroidered hat from Borneo.  Undated, but isn't it cool??

Another hat with bead embroidery and also wired bead decoration.  This was from Peking, China, made in either the late 19th or early 20th century, pre-Manchu period.  It was ordered by the King for either the Queen or for the highest ranking concubine, as these were the only women allowed to wear a phoenix on their heads (only the King could wear a dragon).

This neck ornament is embroidered with small shiny red seeds.  It came from Queensland, Australia, and was collected in 1914.

This pearl shell pendant was collected from Western Australia.  The designs are different on each side, and are engraved.  The date is unknown.

Other collections that I have been privileged to see over the years:
The British Museum in London England
The Victoria and Albert Museum in London England
Tlingit arts in Alaska
Bishop Museum in Hawai'i
Glassworks and beads in Murano, Italy
Tzanchaj, Guatemal

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