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Oahu Hawai'i: Bishop Museum

When we went to visit Hawai'i, I really didn't want to spend too much time inside museums (for obvious reasons, see above!), but one that I had to make an exception for is the Bishop Museum on Oahu.

The Bishop Museum has a fabulous collection of Pacific Island wearables, some of which I'll share with you here.  There are also amazing full-sized costumes made for various occasions, but I didn't feel any of my pictures did them justice. 

Feathered capes, 'i'iwi bird

Shell anklet

Whale teeth necklaces - all whale teeth automatically belonged to the chief
Samoa, Tonga, Society Island

Headdress of turtle shell, coconut fiber, pearl and clam shell

Earplugs of whale tooth

Whale teeth and plant fiber necklace
Austral Islands

Headdress of chicken feathers and fibers
Rapa Nui

Lei made from ferns

Leis made from bone, nut, and feathers

Lei made from dog teeth

Cotton and whale tooth necklace

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Terry Pugh said…
Wow! These pieces are amazing! So beautiful and unique.

flyingbeader said…
Fantastic. I want to spend my 60th in Hawaii & this looks like a very interesting place to go. Thanks