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Lava pendants: made on the Big Island

On our recent trip to Hawaii, there was one lazy afternoon when we all crashed.  Probably just the jet-lag catching up with us.  But anyway, when I woke up, I grabbed my wire and tools along with five roughly "polished" lava beads I had bought, and spent a pleasant hour wrapping them.  The little heart charms were added when I got back home. 

As close as I can figure, this is how I did the wraps.

1. Cut about a 15 inch piece of wire.  It was inexpensive wire, so I didn't worry about wasting on the first bead I wrapped.  I believe it was 20 or 22 gauge.

2. Stick the wire through the bead hole, and leave about 3 - 4 inches at the top. 

3. Turn a wrapped loop at the bottom, and begin to wrap the wire upwards around the bead.

4. At the top, wrap the working wire around the 3 inch section, close to the hole, and clip the end.

5. Turn a larger wrapped loop at the top and wrap the wire down over the turns from step 4. Turn a spiral with the leftover wire end.

6. Use your chain nose or round nose pliers to make bends in the wire that encircles the bead, making a snugger wrap.

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Shel said…
Cyndi - those are way cool girlfriend!! I love them!!
Cyndi L said…
Thanks Shel! I really needed to make something while I was there...these seemed appropriate ;-)
Dee Wheat said…
VERY nice. I've always loved obsidian in all its many colors and forms, including the more natural "warts and all" versions like these. It's nice to know that there are others who appreciate it in something other than a "perfectly processed" form like we usually see!