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TAST week 17 - wheatear stitch

Yay!  It's Take a Stitch Tuesday day again!  And again there is a stitch that will look good on my quilt.  In fact, I'm really excited about it, because it's got the look of seaweed about it: the fabulous wheatear stitch!  I decided to decorate mine up a bit extra, with a double chain stitch of two different colors, straight stitches of a different color, and added French knots (last week's stitch) at the end of each straight stitch...yet another color.  I think I might add more strands of these fun stitches around more edges of the quilt

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TAST week 17 - wheatear stitch

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shirley said…
This is really nice stitching I like the addition of the chain and the knots.
Anonymous said…
wonderful combination of stitches.I love it.
Very pretty chain stitch design, Cyndi.

Don't you just love challenges? They really keep the creative juices flowing.
Julie said…
So dainty with the added french knots and pink!!! :)
Linda H said…
Your line of Wheatear looks great!! Julie is right- very dainty.
Queenie Patch said…
Beautifully done. An attractive seam for a CQ block.