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Murano Italy - part two

The other day in part one, I showed you shots of the glass factory that we visited plus a video of the master glass maker in action.  Today, I want to share some shots from the The Museo Vetrario (Glass Museum).  This smallish museum is definitely worth the trip for glass and/or bead lovers!

I can't completely remember now why I didn't take any pictures inside the museum, but I'm pretty sure it was because they didn't allow it.  Too bad, because it was wonderful.  After feasting my eyes on gorgeous glass and ancient beads all day, I felt ready to start making Murano glass bead purchases, fairly certain that I would now know how to spot quality and avoid buying cheap tourist imports by mistake.  Here are some of the beads that I got:

Some things to look for: thick, high quality foil, glorious saturated colors, small holes with no bead release residue (except on beads with exposed foiling), and loose - not strung. 

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