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Eileen Bergen: Shells, glorious shells!

A year ago, Eileen Bergen was able to take a vacation to the beautiful Sanibel Island, Florida.  And she was immediately swept away by the gorgeous ocean views...and the shells.  Eileen couldn't get enough of the shells!  See?

Eileen wrote:
I’m seeing charm-type bracelets, mosaics, collages, pendant necklaces, even shadow boxes of shells. Where to begin?

Does anyone know how to drill holes in shells?

Well, she must have figured it out, because before too long, Eileen had a picture of a beautiful Mother of Pearl necklace and earring set that she made featured on her blog, The Artful Crafter, and she also wrote up the instructions!  So if you too have a collection of shells sitting around waiting for inspiration, take a look at the link above and see how Eileen used some of hers.   

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flyingbeader said…
Thank you Cyndy. Now I have another blog to enjoy following.
Cyndi L said…
You will LOVE Eileen's's delightful!
Cherie said…
Aw, love this story Eileen! The necklace looks beautiful.
Thank you, Cyndi. It's so sweet of you to feature my necklace and give such a ringing endorsement to The Artful Crafter blog.
Unknown said…
Eileen, I have a ton of shells I would LOVE to get rid of if you want them....You can drill holes in them using a tiny drill bit and a dremel...I use my dremel for just about everything!