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Jewelry artist: Natalia Bodre

Website: Natalia Bodre

My name is Natalia Bodre and I am an artist originally from Poland.  I finished school of Art in Poland with advertisement designer degree, but soon enough I understood what my real passion was- jewelry designing.

I started designing jewelry in second year (of 4 year school) and I was soon successful in creating and selling jewelry in Poland.  Right after school I moved to Ireland looking for adventure and inspiration.  I was successful with selling jewelry, and showing my art in galleries.  Somewhere along the way I met my (now) husband and fell in love.  He is American, and that's why I moved here to be with him, where I live and design for almost 4 years.

My jewelry is truly unique because I never make two of the same pieces and all designs come right from my creative mind.  I love to use natural gemstones because every single stone is different and holds it's own story.  I can do anything you dream of- just contact me with your custom order, or choose one of many already created items.

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