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Tammy Powley: Is it better in the Bahamas?

A couple of years ago, Tammy Powley took a cruise to the Bahamas from her (already paradise) hometown in Florida.  She shared about the adventure and made a very funny list of likes and dislikes that I think you should definitely check out.  Just click the link above!

Tammy found only a few handcrafted items that she ended up buying, like the shell earrings above, but there was something that ended up inspiring a project of her own later...the money!

Tammy made these cute earrings and posted a tutorial about it on her Jewelry making site.   So next time you decide to go traveling, keep a couple of pennies at the end for a wearable souvenir!

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Tammy said…
Thanks for including me in your series, Cyndi!
Cyndi L said…
Thank YOU for sharing so many inspirational tutorials over the years, Tammy :-)
This is wonderful! I love it!!!

Tammy is the BEST!

xox jean
Sarah Sequins said…
I went to the Bahamas, to Paradise Island, when I was in high school. It was a magical place!

Somewhere, I still have a photo of me posing with a flock of trained flamingos. They're so pretty up close. :)
Cyndi L said…
Ohmygoodness, I would so love to see you with a flock of flamingos!!
I'm inspired! I have some pressed pennies I brought back from Sea World a few years ago. You know those machines where you pay a quarter to put a penny through this press?

Thanks for sharing Tammy's ideas.
Cherie said…
I love this series you are doing. Tammy's earrings are great - now I'm getting all kinds of ideas!
Cindy said…
That really is a terrific idea! You would definitely remember that vacation.

Hugs XX