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The Great Jewelry Show Down: Gold v Silver

A guest post by Charly Daniels, a jewelry fanatic currently working with Factory Fast.

Putting together the perfect jewelry is a rewarding experience (as everyone who checks into Beading Arts already know), but getting it exactly right requires making a lot of choices: the type of stringing techniques used, what style to go for and the like.  One of the main choices is which materials you use, which quite often leads those with a passion for jewelry to that classic debate: gold v silver!  That’s why I thought it’d be pretty fun to do a little stand-off between the two.  Enjoy!

The Price.  If you’re planning on selling your creations on (and why not indeed?), then there’s no getting around the fact that in terms of monetary value, gold is always going to sell for more.  However, it’s worth noting that in paying more for the raw materials you also run the risk of a bigger loss should any pieces fail to sell.  In other words, this choice largely comes down to the confidence in your own ability!

The Durability.   When trying to create jewelry that people will want to keep, longevity is certainly something that should be considered.  On this matter, at least, gold is certainly the runaway winner.  Whilst the aesthetics of the materials are certainly objective, there’s no denying that gold is both more scratch-resistant and is less likely to tarnish over time. 

The Looks.  Alright, I’ll admit it: this one is a bit subjective, and depends entirely on your own style and preference.  If you love gold jewelry, then the chances are that nothing I say is going to change your mind!  However, I personally do think that when making pieces for other people, silver is well worth your consideration.  Because of its versatility, it’s likely to appeal to those who want something a bit more subtle: as nice as gold can be, there’s always a risk of looking a bit OTT!

Copyright 2012 Charly Daniels, all rights reserved

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