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Jean Yates: to infinity and beyond

Artist: Jean Yates
Snap out of it Jean! There's beading to be done!

I've got to tell you about the honeymoon Jim and I took in 1990.  We went to Walt Disney World, which Jim hated, and then to Cocoa beach to the Satellite Inn motel, which is where all the astronauts stayed in the early days of the very first launches.  Now you can see (until just recently) the space shuttle take off from the beach right in front of the motel.

Jim and I endured an extremely uncomfortable night in  this historic dump which was wretchedly ill-kempt, but we were very excited because Jim has always been a Trekkie and an Outer Space freak.

In the morning we got there into the stretch of beach  before dawn, as we were supposed to.  There were tons of people already was like being a hippie again!  And then, alas, after a wait of over two hours, the shuttle was scuttled. What disappointment, but what a honeymoon memory! 

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jean said…
Thank you so much Cyndi!! I love what you wrote! You are so sweet to post my Honeymoon memory! It has been 22 years since then, this month!
love, jean xoxox
Cyndi L said…
Jean, it is my honor to share your story and your fabulous work...I love your book too!