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Cherie Burbach: Pictures of Paris

Artist: Cherie Burbach
Cherie Burbach

My most memorable trip was to Paris when we got married. I had always wanted to go to Paris and found myself taking pictures nonstop so I could remember it all. I loved just walking around the streets of Paris and seeing everyday life. I found myself taking pictures of a lot of things that I wanted to paint later, or those that just inspired me to do so. I also wrote a lot of poetry while I was there.

It's funny what I took pictures of in Paris. I photographed the usual things (Eiffel Tower, architecture) but I also snapped a lot of "regular" pictures of Paris life, like parks, people eating at cafes, or shop windows. The two pictures attached are from a park and the window of a bakery. The picture I painted (below) is an area we walked past on our way to the Monet Museum.

One of the poems I wrote was about a funny story from one of our dinners. Paris has such wonderful food - food is actually an artform there - and I got all caught up in trying new things while I was there. During one dinner, our waiter tried to gently warn me against trying one of the dishes, and I didn't listen. I was so caught up in the excitement of the trip. Well, the poem reveals what happened.


We sit at a café in Paris
and the waiter
so professional, jovial,
good at his job,
tells us the specials.

I order the chitterling
my husband, steak béarnaise
and the waiter asks
“Are you sure, Madam?
It is not for every taste.”

I am caught up
in this trip,
this city,
for a week
we have tasted

the finest foods
I never thought I would eat
and everything
without exception
has been superb.

I feel invincible
there is nothing
I could eat
that I wouldn’t like.
I’m sure of it.

I order away
yes –
chittlering –
let me try it!
I’m here to try!

Half an hour later
the waiter will pass by our table, and grin
at my husband,
plate of chittlering before him,
and I, with steak béarnaise.

Copyright Cherie Burbach, all rights reserved


Michelle_J said…
Funny! Now that is a good husband. I'd love a few of those pastries, myself. :)
Cute story, Cherie. Did the waiter say it in French or did you not know what chitterlings are? You sure do now!

Thanks for sharing the photos and memories.
Cherie said…
LOL! Yeah, I was lucky he switched plates with me. Chitterling?!? What was I thinking???

Thanks again for letting me share, Cyndi!
Cherie said…
The waiter talked in English, and he did actually say, "It's not for every taste." Funny how he knew I wouldn't like it.

It was interesting to see just how much the waiter's wanted you to order something you'd love. They'd give you their opinions, and they were always right! It was such a fun time.