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Lava bead embroidered necklace - part two

Moe'uhane Mauna Lei, named by Paul Bishop

Last week I showed you how I put the individual bead embroidery elements together to form the main body of a necklace.  Today I'm going to show you how I finished it up.

I forgot to mention last week that the two colors of Swarovski crystals that I used in this necklace are Red Magma and Crystal Volcano.  Appropriate, yes?

6. Work your way around the outside of each piece and add picots or other embellishments to the outer edge.  My pieces were finished in edging brick stitch, using size 11/0 seed beads, so I added a short stack to each edging bead, consisting of another size 11/0 seed bead and one size 15/0.

7. Towards the middle of the necklace, I added some Swarovski crystal coral branches.

8. Stitch a square stitch bail around a hammered metal loop on each end of  the necklace.  Instructions can be found in Chapter 3 of Every Bead Has a Story.

9. Using some large Swarovski rondelles, make a wire hook and some beaded links for an adjustable clasp.

10. I felt that the middle looked a bit barren still, so I went back in and added Swarovski bicones (4 mm and 6 mm) all around the central piece.

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BluMoon said…
Hi Cyndi, this is such a dark and mysterious neckpiece I have never seen lava used in a beading project like this and it looks great!