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TAST week 16 - French knots

I've ended up not adding the last few stitches in the Take a Stitch Tuesday challenge to my quilt, but I have used them for other projects.  Back on track this week, with a stitch that I felt would enhance several areas on my manipulated fabric quilt: the French knot.  So simple, so lovely!

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TAST week 16 - French knot

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Unknown said…
hugs, Masha
Annet said…
Love those scattered French knots!
I can't wait to see this quilt when it's all done - it's so perfectly ethereal and lovely.
Isabelle said…
I love the colors you have choiced
Queenie Patch said…
I agree, the French knot is so versatile and can be used in almost any project. You can't really help yourself adding them here and there.
viji said…
Your frenchknots looks like beads.
Very nice.