Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Recent publications: August 2015

Jewelry Making: Step by step Guide To Creating Your Own Original And Unique Jewelry by Julia Riley

Beaded Chain Mail Jewelry: Timeless Techniques with a Twist by Dylon Whyte

Ancient Worlds, Modern Beads: 30 Stunning Beadwork Designs Inspired by Treasures from Ancient Civilisations by Mortira Natasha van Pelt

Diamond Weave: A complete guide to mastering the bead world's newest stitch by Cath Thomas and Gerlinde Lenz

30 Minute Jewellery: What Can You Make in Half an Hour or Less? by Beverley McCullough

Brace Yourself!: A collection of bracelets patterns with unique beads, stones and tatted lace by Victoria Clarke

Fine Art Wire Weaving: Weaving Techniques for Stunning Jewelry Designs by Sarah Thompson

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