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Purple pleated silk shibori ribbon bracelet

I mentioned in the introduction to my e-book Arm Candy that I've been using older jewelry bits and bobs in my work for quite a long time, but decided to spend some energy figuring out how to integrate them more fully into mixed media bead embroidery pieces. It all started with an Avon pendant that became the centerpiece for this bracelet (above). Since it wasn't a particularly valuable or sought-after pendant, I didn't hesitate to snip it apart and reuse it.

The rhinestone bracelet (above) was a completely different matter. I had been extremely reluctant to do anything with it because it was so beautiful and well-made, but it was also missing too many unique large rhinestones to still be valuable except as parts. Cutting it apart liberated me and started me on a new(ish) path.

Here in picture form are the highlights of how these pieces became a new bracelet. You can find step-by-step instructions for putting together a bead embroidered piece, including back stitch, edging brick stitch, and stack stitch in the free first chapter of Every Bead Has a Story.

In depth instructions on working with shibori ribbon are found in chapter three of Bored By Back Stitch, which also covers how to put together a cuff bracelet in much more detail. Alternatively, instructions for cuff bracelets are also found in Arm Candy.

New for 2016!!  Chapter 3 of Bored By Back Stitch will be free with the purchase of the first two chapters, even if you don't buy them at the same time.  Upon confirming your purchase, I will email the final chapter to you at no extra cost!  Ok, the last chapter won't be an instantaneous download like the others, but I promise to send it to you just as quickly as I can :-)

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They're ll gorgeous. I have an inexpensive rhinestone stretch bracelet that lost its stretch. No compunctions about cutting that apart!
Cyndi L said…
Go for it, Eileen!!