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Book review: Soldered Alchemy

By Laura Beth Love
Fons & Porter/F+W; $24.99

Every now and again comes a book with techniques and projects that are completely new and unique.  This is such a book.  We all like to think that we can look at old materials in innovative ways, but I'm pretty sure you will not have thought of this: turning plain old soft solder into stunning pieces of jewelry.  Take a look at Soldered Alchemy by Laura Beth Love.

Now I know what you're thinking...we've all seen bezels done with copper foil and soft solder.  And if that's all this book covered, well...yawn!  But that's only the beginning.

Laura Beth Love changes your perspective on solder, using it not just as a supporting material, but as a superstar and art material in and of itself.  She arranges her projects in a cumulative fashion so that even if you are new to wirework and soldering, the skills you build will grown as you work through the book.  After a short but important section on the tools, materials, and basics, it's off to the fun stuff!

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