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Book review: Coastal Crafts

Ok, who doesn't love beachy decor?  If you have a beach house, rent a room for a week, or just love the color refreshing colors, Cynthia Shaffer's Coastal Crafts, published by Lark, might be for you!

Most of the materials you will need are really easy to find in your local craft or hardware store, but Cynthia includes some instructions that will make one of the more difficult items to find -- drift wood -- into one of the easiest.  That's because she's going to teach you how to make your own!  Yup.  And she also covers how to clean shells properly so that you won't have a stinky mess on your hands when you next return to your beachy home.

There are wonderful clear photos for each project, and instructions with plenty of step-by-steps, so that even if you've never tried making household decor items before, you'll find it really easy.  There are also templates included for projects that otherwise would need drawing skills (which I do not have!).  One of my favorite projects is a set of nautical flags, each representing a different letter, with which you can spell out messages for friends and family...anyone in the know!

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