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Holiday time already?!??

One of the cruel ironies of the publishing world is that projects for Christmas and Hanukkah have to be created in the middle of the summer.

The cruelest aspect of all is that I HATE THE HEAT. Not just the humidity...the stinking heat!

We had quite a nasty stretch of hot humid weather this past week in New England. So when I learned that it was time to make holiday projects for the magazines, I was not completely thrilled. My first thought was "How???" My second thought was "This could be kind of fun." An excuse to take a really cold shower, sit in front of the air conditioner still dripping wet, and watch "It's a Wonderful Life." Works for me!

I did three projects and articles this week, most of which I'm not going to share with you until the mags come out (insert "nyah nyah" noise here). Well, I'll probably end up sharing some of my pictures, but certainly not any of the techniques :-)

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Derek Andrews said…
hi Cyndi!

You ain't alone. I hate the heat and humidity too. My brain seems to stop working and I just can't do anything creative.

I was at the Pictou craft market today and in between customers just sat down in front of the fan. I find that tiring too, but its better than being too hot. I couldn't even think about doing any carving today, so I just sat there browsing through a pile of old National Geographics and clipping out pictures with interesting textures, colours or example of old sculptures etc. Anything in fact that I though might provide inspiration when the weather improves.

Stay cool and prosper,