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Making bottle cap pins

These pins can be made from all recycled materials with the exception of the paints and glue!  But if there's anything you can't find in the trash, I've links some resources below.
Foam core (used is fine!)
Acrylic paint
Decorative paper (preferably from the trash)
Diamond glaze, Liquid glass, or resin
Used bottle caps and pictures sized to fit
Decorative fibers
Gold-leaf pen
Pin back (salvage from old jewelry)

X-acto knife
Foam brush, small paint brushes

1. Cut out a foam core back for your pin, using an X-acto knife. Peel the paper off of one side.

2. Paint the peeled side and the edges of the foam core with acrylic paint. Let it dry completely.

3. Cut a decorative paper top and adhere it to the unpainted side of your foam core.

4. Paint the entire piece with Diamond glaze, Liquid glass, or resin, allowing it to dry completely.

5. Cut out a picture to fit inside your bottle cap. Place a thin layer of glaze inside the cap to create a flat surface. When it has dried to the tacky stage, place the picture inside and cover it with another thin layer of glaze. Let this dry completely before filling the cap up as much as you desire. Let it dry overnight.

6. Glue the bottle cap to the pin front with E6000. Let it ooze out slightly from underneath the cap. Wrap decorative fibers around the cap, anchoring them into the E6000.

7. Use a gold-leaf pen to rim the front edges of the pin.

8. Glue a pin-back on using E6000.

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Shy said…
lovely pins, great paintings you picked I am a huge fan of Sir Frank Dicksee
Cyndi L said…
Thank you! I love all the paintings from that era: Dicksee, Waterhouse, all the gang :-)
MIMI's Vanity said…
MImI Said....I love you artwork. you are an inspiration. Thanks for the directions.Please visit my blog I would appreciate you input.