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A closer view

handmade beads

I received a really good question yesterday from Janet, who asked if I used anything to seal the beads when I made them from fabric instead of paper. I don't, because I like the looks of the frayed ends. I even make my diagonal cut with pinking shears so there's more texture and fuzz.

But then I realized that my final step in decorating them does help to seal them somewhat: after they are dry, I dry-brush the ends with Lumiere's halo pink-gold acrylic paint, just accenting those fuzzy parts. The base medium of acrylic paint is an excellent glue, so in a sense this step definitely helps to insure that they don't unroll.

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Janet said…
Thanks for explaining about the finishing touches. I just love the way they look and may have to try some of these over the long weekend.
Janet said…
Ooops, I forgot to mention the things you make are just gorgeous! I had a good scroll through your blog and everything is so pretty. I don't do much jewelry ... have started beading a bit on art dolls but your items make me drool!
Cyndi L said…
Thank you Janet! Watch out for the art dolls...a lot of people have found the beads starting to take over :-)