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Spiral square stitch

This is a really handy little stitch, very easy to do once you get the first couple of rounds started. I like to use two different colors of beads, but you can do it all with one color if you'd prefer. This is a woven stitch that you will create in your hands and then attach to your embroidered or woven bead work later.

All you will need are seed beads, a beading needle, and Nymo thread. I usually make tendrils with size 11/0 beads, but my process photos show you the stitch done in size 8/0s so that it's easier to see.

1. Leaving a 5 to 7 inch tail, string on two beads of color A and one bead of color B.    

2. Pass the needle and thread back through all 3 beads, and then a second time through only the two color A beads.  Pull the circle snug.

3. Add two color A and one more color B beads.  Pass the needle back through the previous color B bead and pull snug.

4. Pass the needle and thread forward through all four color A beads and pull snug.

5. Continue adding two color A beads and one color B beads for each stitch.  Each time, you will pass your needle back through the previous color B bead and forward through the final four color A beads.  The bead work will begin to circle, and then to spiral.  

6. Add as many stitches as needed to make your spiral the length you desire.

7. Add one more bead as a stopper bead, and pass your needle and thread back through all the color A beads, back to the beginning.

8. Now you will have both threads exiting one end, making it easy to stitch your spiral into place on the embroidery piece later.

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marisa desaztre said…
Thanks for this interesting tutorial. Kissess.
Cyndi L said…
Marisa, you are very welcome!
Unknown said…
why it looks so easy? but when i'm doin it, i always end up doing the wrong thing or loose stitches.... aaaw... perhaps i need more practice. anyway, thanks for this tutorial! ^o^
Cyndi L said…
It can be very challenging to get it going, but once you've completed a spiral or two, you'll find it easier to hang onto and control the tension. If this is the case, you can always unstring the first few rounds when you're finished so that all your work is nice and tight :-)
Jeannie said…
Beadwork is a challenge for me but I'll keep trying. Thanks for the inspiration.
Cyndi L said…
Doing anything for the first time is a challenge for me, Jeannie! Try using bigger sized seed beads like 6/0's while you're learning the stitch. Sometimes that helps me.
Cindy Caraway said…
Most of my beadwork pieces are embroidery - this is a great embellishment! Thanks so much for the tutorial :)
Cyndi L said…
I'm glad you like this, Cindy! I'm always looking for new ways to add dimension and texture to my bead embroidery :-)