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A wild caterpillar bracelet

I made this bracelet for a challenge over at the Wearable Arts forum at WetCanvas a couple of years ago, and just unearthed it recently!  It was actually inspired by a photograph of a fruit and vegetable market in Seattle. The beads running down the center of the bracelet are the same color as Rainier cherries, which figured prominently in the image, and the ribbon yarn colors reminded me of all the other summer fruit bounty in the photo.

When you wear this bracelet, the ribbon pieces flop around since they're very lightweight.  It really doesn't look so much like a creepy centipede circling your arm when you see it in real life :-)

I wrote up some tips on making these finger-woven pieces awhile back.  The process for this bracelet was quite similar, except that I used short lengths of ribbon yarn to tie the square knots in between each bead instead of using one continuous length of cord.

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Jeannie said…
I love it, but I know I could not wear it.
Colors are great
Cyndi L said…
You're not alone...I'm sure lots of people wouldn't be able to stand having the ribbons tickling their wrists!
Jean Hutter said…
Very cool and so different
Cyndi L said…
Thanks Jean! It was a super fun piece to make :-)