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Polymer clay artist: Hunter

Hunter sent me an update on her wonderful whimsical polymer clay work, along with a link to a new website, Lexn7th!

Hunter writes:
Since your last blog post featuring some of my work, I have been a busy bee. I've been doing a lot of custom work for many different occasions, from weddings and birthdays to female sports fan OOAKs. I was listed on etsy and other sites, but I was not able to do a lot of branding and many of my customers kept urging me to create my own site, so I did. In July of this year, I opened Lexn7th where I create not only clay pieces, but pieces I've made using a wide variety of other materials. I REALLY enjoy working with clay, and trying to find new ways to bring my ideas to fruition . As you can see, I am still experimenting with different techniques and trying to invent news ones.

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Shirley said…
Oh, these are seriously cool! Heading over to check out her site!
LexN7th said…
Thank you for the compliment Shirley.