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Sequintastic September!

It's all the fault of because of my fantastic friend Sarah Sequins that I had to got to make another bead embroidery piece that incorporated sequins!  I'm not really as comfortable with sequins as perhaps I should be, considering that they're not really very different from beads, but there it is...I have a hard time thinking about how to use them creatively.  Believe me, if you want to see the creative use of sequins, check out Sarah's blog at the link above!

Anyway, here's what I came up with: I incorporated sequins into the African Helix beadweaving stitch that I adapted for bead embroidery.  There are additional sequins under each of the translucent pink accent beads and in the notches around the outer rim.  Ok, not the best, but probably also not the worst I could have done!

Here are the basic steps.  You can find step by step directions for the African Helix bead embroidery stitch and for finishing off and adding a square stitch bail to a pendant in my e-book Bored By Back Stitch.

Add rows of back stitch around your focal bead

Using the outer row of back stitch, create the embroidered form of African Helix around the focal.  The outer row of loops has not yet been stitched down in this shot.  Then, using the middle row of back stitch, add one or two rounds of African Helix which will not be stitched down.  

Stitch down the loops as needed, add filler beads to the holes, and trim to size.

Add the backing with edging brick stitch.  Create a square stitch bail on the back, either before or after adding the final edging embellishments.

Sequintastic Participants!

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Beautiful Cindy,
I like how you used the Affican Helix as your boarder around your cab and adding the sequins gives it a added punch! Thank you for sharing how you did the stitch.
I love the pendant and the creative use of your sequins! I also love the idea of the African helix used for bead embroidery. I will have to get your ebook. I am new to bead embroidery, so this a timely post for me :D
Sarah Sequins said…
I would beg to differ that you don't know how to be creative with sequins. Fantastic job! I've never thought of using them that way.

And I love that you made your project into a tutorial and tied it in with your book. Clever, clever! <3
Kepi said…
Beautiful, you have incorporated sequins in so expertly. I love the design and I am going to give that a try. Gorgeous pendant.
Karen Williams said…
I'm right there with you, both in being somewhat uncomfortable using sequins in my beadwork, and in using Sarah's Sequintastic as my excuse to play with them again.

Your African Helix definitely does jazz up the backstitch, and I like how you used the sequins, strung along with your beads.

Unknown said…
Cyndi, I love reading your blog, I always learn something new. What a great design! I love what you did with the sequins, that is such a creative idea. You are such a wonderful blessing!
Jasvanti said…
The pendant is very pretty, good choice of colors and I love the way you used the sequins!!
Maneki said…
Looks great! Love the mix of beads and sequins in that pretty rose. Very nice stitch for sequins, really.
Cyndi L said…
Thank you guys so much! I am enjoying visiting around to all of your amazing pieces as well :-)