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Book review: Remarkable Rectangles

I have made a fair number of art quilts, many featuring beads, but most of mine are not geometric.  So when I saw Remarkable Rectangles, written by Robert DeCarli and published by Martingale, I thought maybe it was time to try a few.  What I found inside this book are 17 strip-pieced quilts that I swore could not be made from nothing but rectangles.  And yet, they are!  Once you know the secret of weaving these blocks, it all becomes quite simple.

So I thought I'd share this book with you.  Even though it doesn't feature beads, can't you see some of these blocks, or even full-sized quilts covered in them?  Each pattern gives you precise fabric requirements and all the cutting instructions, as well as the how-tos you'll need to finish a quilt.  This might be a bit much for someone who has never made a quilt before, but I believe that even a determined beginner can make these!

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