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Shibori silk flowers and beads!

Sorry for the delay!  Here is the tutorial for my Bead Journal Project piece that I shared last week!

Since I made the flowers some time ago, the first task was to choose the background fabric, which I did with the input of several online readers and friends.

The next step was to make the little herringbone leaves to go with the calendulas, which I showed you two weeks ago.

Then it was just a matter of cutting the fabric to size (postcard, 6x4), stitching everything down, and adding some stems.  The pansy has a stem of rolled silk ribbon, and the calendula stems are double strand embroidery floss.

I edged the piece with blanket stitch and mounted it on a piece of mat board.  Done!

And now it occurs to me that I never showed you how to make the flowers.  Sheesh.  Ok, in a couple of weeks...

And here it finally is: a tutorial on making the shibori silk flowers and leaves!

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