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Book review: Textured Bead Embroidery

You know that I just have to read every book that comes out on bead embroidery, from the most basic to the most advanced.  Except for the very most basic texts, you're almost sure to pick up a tip or two in each new book, and Textured Bead Embroidery by Linda Landy is no exception.  Although much of the material can be found in books you probably already have, I really really like the rather large section that Linda calls the Bead Directory.  In it, she tackles the fun task of showing how many of the new shaped beads can be incorporated into bead embroidery.  It's easy to forget just how many new shapes there are now!  One of the techniques that Linda explains in the book is how to build support rows to make these beads behave too.

The twelve projects are nice, and some are quite innovative.  I really liked the Unleased pin.  Instead of having the much more common donut as a focal, Linda has chosen an agate which has a druzy void in the bottom center.  She uses this irregular hole to anchor some beautiful embellishments.  I also liked a set of earrings that Linda calls Iconic earrings.  They are bead embroidered flat and then rolled into a cone.  Very cool.

You'll find instructions for necklaces, and bracelets too, like the Other Side of the Moon cuff shown above.  This is a Kalmbach publication, so you know that the directions, photos, and illustrations have been carefully checked.  Plus, there is a CD that has patterns for you to download if you'd like!    

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Robbie said…
And we are so lucky to DO read all new bead books that come out! I'll have to check this one out! When I get to Florida...hardly have time to read blogs/email/FB!